San Juan Island Boating

Nautical Apprentice program

This is an opportunity to crew with us on one of our sailing adventures at no charge.  This apprenticeship is designed for qualified applicants who are young adults age 18 to 24, who have a valid passport, and are committed to be alcohol and drug free.

Boating experience is not required but helpful.  The accepted applicant will learn:

  • Seamanship/Navigation
  • Line handling
  • Sailing
  • Boat handling
  • Docking
  • Outboard motor operation
  • Fishing skills
  • Meal planning and provisioning
  • Conservation of water/resources
  • Tide and current calculations
  • Weather forecasting
  • Radio operation

Room and board is provided, but the accepted applicant must be able to:

  • Provide their own transportation to and from ports of call (start point and ending point is not always from the same port)
  • Climb a ladder
  • Swim
  • Be able to sleep in cramped quarters if necessary
  • Lift 50 pounds
  • Be part of a crew
  • Follow orders
  • Be independent
  • Turn off cell phone
  • Eat what is set before them
  • Be without a shower or hair washing for multiple days if necessary
  • Have a sense of adventure
  • Bring in the joy to each day
  • Live by the Golden Rule
For more information and to submit an application contact:

Captain Bill Blok

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